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    Established in November of 2005, Aoxin Adhesive Science & Technology (Hubei) CO., an enterprise specializing in producing and selling various kinds of Bopp tape and industrial packing linear polyethylene film. The total area of the factory is 80117.4 square meters. The company has three modern product lines of high-speed coating machine and its own quality inspection equipment, as well as the equipments related to cutting, printing, packing and producing the glue.
  BOPP Packing Tape  
  Printing Packing Tape  
  Kraft Paper Tape  
  PVC No Cutting Tape  
  PVC ...  
  D/S Tape  
  D/S ...  
  Crepe Masking Tape  
  Warning Tape  
  PE D/S Foam Tape  
  PE ...  
  Acrylic Foam Tape  
  PE Stretch Film  
  PE ...  

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HUBEI HANCHUAN BEIQIAO SCIENCE & INDUSTRY PARK  TEL:86-712-8381716  8381717    FAX:86-712-8381719


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